December 2017

Artist residency at The Wassaic Project, New York


July 2, 2017

Luci Lippard at Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

Live performance as part of the Peace Weekend for the Peace exhibition

Luci Lippard interview / article 'Peace out of Poetry' in Schirnmag

Luci Lippard is a performance band formed in Berlin in spring 2014 by artists Lucinda Dayhew and Hanne Lippard.  Using drums, voice, synths and songs, the duo make noise out of poetry.


March 2017

Luci Lippard at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin)

Live performance in Bob's Pogo Bar


October 2016

Luci Lippard at Swimming Pool (Frankfurt, Germany)

8pm: Thursday October 6 as part of States of Flux: The Token


August/September 2016

Practice Room

Installation and live practices as part of Vacancies! at Galerie Wedding, Berlin

Vernissage: August 11, 7pm

'Live practice' of Still Life II by Luci Lippard at 8pm

Installation by Lucinda Dayhew. Musical collaborators:

Carlos Fontaneda and Juan Hurlé,  Nathan Gray,  Jasmine Guffond,  Luci Lippard ( Lucinda Dayhew and Hanne Lippard),  Martyna Poznańska,  Yuky RyangSftstps (Nick Houde),  Soft Grid (Jana Sotzko, Theresa Stroetges and Sam Slater),   Elke Wardlaw


July 2016

Luci Lippard at BQ, Berlin

8pm: Friday July 22nd

as part of Augury


May 2016

Luci Lippard at Galerie für Zeitgenössiche Kunst Leipzig

8pm. 20th of May


February 2016

Open studios at HPFA, Berlin - new work

February 12 - 14 (opening 7pm February 12)


November 2015

Luci Lippard performing at Galerie Wedding Berlin   930pm 19.11.2015
as part of Sol Calero's exhibition opening
Oficina Del Ciudadano


October 2015

Luci Lippard performing at HPFA Berlin 23.10.15 9pm

as part of Kathi Hofer's Fan Fiction Exhibition



September 2015

Luci Lippard live on air at Art Berlin Contemporary for Berlin Community Radio



    August 2015

    Luci Lippard performing at the New Concrete Poetry Symposium, Bielefelder Kunstverein



    November 2014

    Frost Radio and Flipping the Coin at alexander levy


    The Sound of One Hand Clapping   sound piece


    Cuntinental / Still Life II / Lazyjet by Luci Lippard


    2014.11.16 12pm ~ 11.21 3pm

    FROST RADIO는 2014.11.16 12시 정각에 송출을 시작하여 123시간 존재하는 라디오 입니다. 

    FROST RADIO는 대한민국 서울의 특정 지역에서 청취 가능한 FM라디오 입니다. 

    FROST RADIO의 청취 가능 지역은 세 번 달라집니다.

    FROST RADIO는 여러 다른 장소, 다른 사람들이 보내 온 소리, 노래, 이야기를 송출합니다. 

    FROST RADIO는 더러 생방송을 합니다. 

    FROST RADIO는 라디오 수신기도 빌려드립니다. 


    FROST RADIO는 2014/11/21 3시 정각에 사라집니다.


    FROST RADIO will appear November 16, 2014 at 12:00pm and be on-air for 123 hours.

    FROST RADIO will only be audible in specific areas of Seoul, Korea.

    FROST RADIO will relocate three times.

    FROST RADIO transmits sounds, speech, and songs from various people from various places. 

    FROST RADIO will sometimes be live.

    FROST RADIO will lend you a radio. 


    FROST RADIO disappears November 21, 2014 at 3:00pm


    Swan Song 2 x 12 inch artist edition dubplate vinyl records presented at gallery alexander levy                              produced by Flipping the Coin

    Exhibition Nov 15 - 27, 2014