Lucinda Dayhew's works engage with practice, repetition and rhythm. She uses a range of media including sound, music, sculpture, video, text, paint, found objects and photography to create performances, assemblages and installations. Her works explore music instrument and animal related anthropomorphism, language acquisition, musical translation, psychological categorisation, the fragmentation and precarity of labour and the social aspects of music making.

She has performed and exhibited internationally including in the e-flux video archive (New York/Berlin), Art Berlin Contemporary, Bielefeld Kunstverein, Galerie für Zeitgnössische Kunst (Leipzig), BQ (Berlin), Swimming Pool, (Sofia/Frankfurt), CTM Festival (Berlin), PVA MediaLab (London), Runway, Electrofringe (Newcastle, Australia), Skanu Mesz Festival (Riga), Frost Radio (Seoul) and KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin).

Born in Orange, Australia, she currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.