Lucinda Dayhew reflects upon social and environmental relations with a rhythmic bent. Her narratives become rhythms and shift shape, interrogating the ethics of daily living and materialising as installations and performances, films and photographs, sound works, sculptures, and texts. 

Dayhew investigates monocropping and the patterns and flows of food crop distribution, the swelling geographical bandings of the subtropics and tropics under global warming, paid and unpaid labour and its fragmentation and precarity, language acquisition, the codes and materials of adults’ and children’s play, (non) human exchanges, behavioural patterns and loops, and: spurns the compulsory yet constrictive form of the short artist bio. She is a keen collaborator. Her works also wrestle with observational humour, lack, failure, holes, and voids.

Born in Orange (Australia), formerly known as the Apple City in the Central West of New South Wales, she grew up in subtropical Sydney. After spending several years living in London she moved to Berlin where she now resides. 


Selected exhibitions and performances: Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), SALTS as part of Liste (Basel), Brücke Museum, NBK, Art Berlin Contemporary (Berlin), Kunsthall Stavanger (Norway), Bielefeld Kunstverein, Galerie für Zeitgnössische Kunst (Leipzig), BQ (Berlin), Swimming Pool, (Sofia/Frankfurt), CTM Festival (Berlin), PVA MediaLab (London), Runway, Electrofringe (Newcastle, Australia), Skanu Mesz Festival (Riga), Frost Radio (Seoul), e-flux video archive (New York/Berlin).


CV available upon request