Lucinda Dayhew makes rhythmic objects in sculptural, sonic, installation, spoken and textual form. She executes film and video, photographic, performance and sound works on subtropicalism, mother and other sexuality, language acquisition, (non) human exchanges, fragmentation and precarity of labour, monocropping and: spurns the compulsory yet constrictive form of the short artist bio. She is a keen collaborator. Her works also flirt with observational humour, lack, failure, holes and voids.

Dayhew was born in Orange, Australia and lives in Berlin, Germany.


Selected exhibitions and performances: e-flux video archive (New York/Berlin), Art Berlin Contemporary, Bielefeld Kunstverein, Galerie für Zeitgnössische Kunst (Leipzig), BQ (Berlin), Swimming Pool, (Sofia/Frankfurt), SALTS as part of Liste (Basel), CTM Festival (Berlin), PVA MediaLab (London), Runway, Electrofringe (Newcastle, Australia), Skanu Mesz Festival (Riga), Frost Radio (Seoul), Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin).


CV available upon request